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Executive and Career Coaching

Meet Emily

Certified Executive Coach 

Emily Greer is an accomplished senior executive who has dedicated her own distinguished career to leading, mentoring and coaching hundreds of executives in all phases of their journeys.

Her extensive experience gives her a robust knowledge of organizations, corporate cultures and corporate behaviors. She understands the issues organizations face and knows what it takes to lead with courage and empathy.



Executive Coaching

Career Coaching




Greer Leadership Solutions is your strategic professional coach.
We stand alongside you as you grow in your career.

Under Emily Greer’s coaching and mentoring, I’ve navigated leadership challenges with clarity and purpose. From recruitment and candidate vetting to performance evaluation and creation of retention strategies, I’ve relied on Emily’s 30 years of experience in resolving employee relations issues, creating roadmaps for change management, and enhancing workplace culture. Emily has modeled the way for executive leaders in a variety of industries, as well as through every season of a professional’s career development. She knows how to unlock potential and I’m grateful for her expertise.

- Senior Executive

Emily's experience with providing this vital expertise as an executive coach has been an awesome investment for our organization. Her executive leadership experience shows...her approach, engagement and execution of this process is producing dividends for our organization immediately. 

- Senior Executive

As a coach and mentor Emily is like a compass guiding you to find your professional true North. Throughout our relationship she has challenged me to find the answers with questions that helped me probe deeper to the root causes to solve problems independently and for my team. I am a better leader, more thoughtful communicator and skilled influencer in decision-making. Our time together has been an invaluable resource and a secret weapon in my career elevation.

- Account Executive

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